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Have you ever picked your dog up from the groomer and said to yourself, "I can do that!?"  Well, now you can!  Trust me, there is more to it than just grabbing a pair of clippers and starting anywhere....  Wouldn't it be nice to see exactly HOW your groomer makes your dog look so good?

I am a 3rd generation dog groomer and have been grooming for over 10 years!  I absolutely love it!  Due to health problems I have had to quit grooming for the public, but it is still such a part of me I decided that if I could no longer groom for other people I would teach my clients to groom their own dogs.  In today's economy it is not easy to pay someone to groom your dog every 6-8 weeks.  So for less than the price of one grooming session you can learn to do it yourself!

In these video's I will show you how to groom your dog step by step. I talk all the way through the DVD and give you little "tricks of the trade" along the way. Tips that will save you time AND money!  Tricks that took me years to learn....

I go into great detail about brushing your dog, plucking the hair out of the ears, cutting the toe nails, as well as expressing the anal glands.  I also show you an easy way to de-matt your dog without losing too much hair in the process.  I show you what kind of clipper you need and how to use it.  I also talk about different blades and different grooming styles.  I then show you how to groom your dog - step by step.  

And the groom is not complete without the "extras" that your groomer adds at the end!  You can watch me paint toenails, put on bandanas, and learn to make your own hair bows out of pretty ribbon.  I will also show you how to put the bow in so it will STAY THERE !!  All of my DVD's are over an hour long and can be played on your computer as well as any DVD player.

Whether you are grooming your own dog or beginning a grooming career, these instructional DVD's  will be sure to teach you what you have always wanted to know about grooming your dog.

**As a special bonus I will include with your DVD an information booklet that I have put together that will show you in detail what clippers, blades, scissors, and other tools that you will need to put a professional groom on your pet.  The booklet will also tell you where you can purchase these grooming supplies at wholesale costs.
 YES, I am going to tell you where I shop!!!

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